Friday, April 04, 2014

Get Ready to Schedule!

Advanced scheduling for summer & fall classes begins on Monday, April 7th.  Make sure you are prepared with the following tips:

Find out when you are eligible to schedule. Visit the Timetable for Advanced Scheduling for details.

Make sure you know your myGate password.  If you can't log in to myGate, try the Forgot Password link on the homepage or contact the Helpdesk at 270-809-2346.

Verify your information on the Pre-Registration Verification Form.  Each semester you will be prompted to review your contact information and make any needed changes.  Do this early by clicking on "Look Up Classes" on the Academics tab in myGate.

Check for holds on your account.  View your holds from the Academics tab by clicking on Holds in the Student Links channel.

Be sure to meet with your advisor.  If you aren't sure who your advisor is, follow these instructions.

Best wishes as you plan for another great semester at Murray State!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Microsoft No Longer Supports Windows XP

Still using a Windows XP machine?  Microsoft has announced that support and updates for the XP operating system will be ending on April 8th of this year.  Here are some questions you might be asking:

How do I know if I have the Windows XP operating system?
This link on Microsoft's website should help you determine your operating system.  In some cases it may detect it automatically.

Why does it matter if they stop supporting and updating XP?  I don't call their support anyway.
Updates put out by Microsoft help to protect your machine from known viruses and security risks.  Without future updates, your machine could be at risk.  In fact, some hackers may actually be waiting for support to end to deliver malicious attacks since there won't be any updates to stop them.

Will my computer stop working on April 8th?
Current installations of Windows XP won't stop working, they will just be more vulnerable to viruses and security risks.  As time goes on, some devices may also not work correctly with Windows XP.  Newly manufactured devices like cameras and printers may not have drivers for or be compatible with Windows XP.

Can I upgrade or do I have to purchase a new computer?
Microsoft has some information on their website about what machines can be upgraded and which ones will need to be replaced.  More information is available here:

What if I'm using a Murray State-owned computer?  What should I do?
Please contact the Helpdesk at 270-809-2346 or for more information.  Most departments with machines still running Windows XP have already been contacted.

Microsoft has more information available online at:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Check Your RacerCard/Meal Balances Online!

The myGate Money tab now features a quick way to check your meal, flex dollar and declining balances online.  Be sure to log in and check out these new options.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Got the right Joe?

We continue to get reports at the Helpdesk about students and employees who receive email intended for someone else.

Here is the scenario:  A student has Jack White as an instructor and just assumes that his email address is  The problem is, Jack was just hired this semester.  Fellow student Jessica White who is now a senior is in fact the owner of the email address.  Jack White's address is actually

So how do you find out which address to use?

You should go to People Finder and search!  There are many ways to get there -
1) from the footer of your myGate page
2) from the Find People link at the top of the MSU homepage
3) from the People Finder link at the left of the Racernet homepage

Just enter the user's name, select their role (faculty, staff or student) and click Search.  It's that easy!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Too many courses in my list!

Do you have too many courses showing in your Canvas course list?  Seeing courses you've already completed or groups you aren't participating in?  Try this:

Go to Canvas and log in.

  1. Hover your mouse over Courses
  2. Click on Customize next to My Courses
  3. Uncheck any courses you'd like to hide from view
Here is what it will look like:

Monday, January 06, 2014

Ready for Spring 2014?

Spring 2014

Welcome back, students!  If you haven't marked your calendar yet, classes start on Monday, January 13th!  Here are a few things you need to remember as we kick-off a new semester.

Network Accounts Have Been Reset - All student accounts will be reset on Thursday, January 9th.  There are two ways to reset your account:  1) Log in to myGate from home and reset your password on the Home tab  2) Log in to a campus computer with username -murray, password - racers and access myGate to reset your password.  More instructions are available here.

Resident Students Must Register with Bradford - Personal computers, gaming devices and tablets that are using the ResNet network in the dorms must pass anti-virus and anti-spyware certification through the Bradford System.  Make sure your anti-virus/anti-spyware software is updated and you've reset your Network password before you try to connect to the internet in the dorms.

Confirm Your Class Schedule - Students can locate scheduled classes on the Academics tab in myGate.  Here are some instructions.  Classes were purged for non-payment on January 3rd.

Check for Courses in Canvas- Remember, some instructors DO NOT use Canvas.  Some instructors may not make their courses available until the first day of class.  To access Canvas, log in at with your myGate username and Canvas password.  If you've forgotten your password, you can log into myGate and reset it on the Home tab.  To learn more about using Canvas, here are some helpful tips:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What is happening during the holiday break?

The University and its offices will close for break at the close of business on Friday, December 20th and will remain closed until Monday, January 6th.  This will allow the University to accrue energy savings while allowing faculty and staff to spend more time with family.

Some things to note during the closure:

  • Facilities Management will be conducting electrical maintenance in the following buildings on Monday, December 23rd.  All power will be off during the times listed.
    • 7am-11am - Curris Center, Winslow Cafeteria
    • 12 Noon-4pm - Public Safety, Applied Science and the William Cherry Expo Center
  • The Helpdesk will not be taking calls.  Students needing assistance with Winter term courses can email for assistance.
  • The campus network and internet will be unavailable on Sunday, December 22nd from noon until 3pm for scheduled maintenance.  Canvas and RacerMail will still be available from the following links:
  • Please power off and unplug all computers, printers, copiers and other electronic devices.  This will help us reduce energy consumption.
  • Heat will be significantly reduced in administrative and academic buildings to further enhance energy savings.